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I am a seasoned educator, motivational speaker, and storyteller. I have given speeches around the world, from Argentina to China and across the country here in the US. Professional teams, educators, and students have all described my speeches as exciting, humoring and most importantly informative. With my unique education background and varied work experience across industries, I love connecting with an audience, but most importantly motivating them to reach their potential. 


Speaker Series

From Welfare to Harvard

From a young age, Edward's family instilled in him the importance of education. Yet, his father and mother had their personal demons, struggling with alcoholism, poverty and mental illness. Edward and his siblings used this formative experience to overcome challenges in their lives - to learn from these obstacles - and to continue moving forward. Today, he likes to look back and tell the story of his upbringing to people of all backgrounds, many of whom find his account moving, inspirational, and many times, familiar. 

Becoming Who You Are

"Leadership" - many throw this word around nowadays without thinking too much about it. Edward has an idiosyncratic perspective on leadership, based on years of experience. This talk focuses on how to improve one's leadership skills and how to discover one's own inner calling and style. 

Business Launch: 101

Many people have dreams of working for themselves and often have an entire business plan in their heads. This one day workshop is designed to turn dreamers into actual entrepreneurs. It's a hands on approach to launching a business. During this workshop, participants create business plans, marketing plans, write their mission statement, pick a name, and learn some tricks of the trade. Ed has successfully launched an education company, a real estate investment company, and a coaching business. And yes, he's made some mistakes along the way. He won't let you make the same mistakes and will share his knowledge and expertise in this collaborative group setting.

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